How to keep apprentices happy and engaged

Apprentices are critical to the growth and sustainability of every business. However if you employ one and they end up leaving, it can prove to be extremely costly and make things more difficult. You also need to factor in the costs associated with recruiting and re-training a new apprentice. 


Most apprenticeships run for a couple of years and many young people aren't sure what to expect when starting their career, which can make it difficult to meet their expectations later down the line.

AGT have been working with employers and apprentices in the automotive industry for over 3 decades and have identified several key factors that cause apprentices to quit throughout the first few years of their career:

•    Having a bad relationship with their boss or co-workers.
•    Poor commitment to their training.
•    A lack of a strong support network such as friends and family.
•    A lack of structured training.
•    Availability of other career paths.

Some of these factors are clearly driven by the apprentice's own movitation, however creating a positive environment can help improve their commitment too.
We have listed a couple of tips around how you can help keep apprentices and trainees engaged throughout their employment.

1.    Be supportive right from the start


It might go without saying, but keeping your apprentices engaged early on goes a long way to keeping them happy and motivated. Did you know that up to 60% of apprentices drop out in their first year? So making the right first impression is critical in retaining them for the long run. 

2.    Spend time with your apprentices

It is important to ensure your apprentices are highly engaged with your business, which helps them to feel safer, focused and in turn, makes them more productive. Building strong relationships and knowing their strengths as well as weaknesses goes a long way to making them feel truly comfortable in their working environment as well. You should also challenge them so they grow and develop their skills, but also provide adequate support and direction when they need it. Your role as a boss should be multi-faceted – mentor, teacher and supporter.

3.    Provide structured on the-job training


One of the most common causes of apprentices becoming disengaged is the lack of structured training but this can be avoided through open communication, strong planning and ensuring they have clear goals set. Make your apprentices aware of milestones and achievements which is a great way to motivate them and help them see the bigger picture.

How can AGT help?

By signing on with a Group Training Organisation (GTO) like us, we help manage the motivational aspects by providing quality training and support throughout the apprenticeship term as well as providing coaching services to ensure their success. To find out more, contact us today by calling 02 9796 3655.
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