What it's like to work in Automotive

Before you start a career in a certain field, you obviously want to get an idea of what you can expect. We have asked three of our current apprentices how they feel about working in the automotive industry.

It's not a secret that things feel less difficult when you're passionate about what you're doing. 'Cars have always been a passion of mine' says Jessica, 19 year old Light Vehicle Mechanic in her first year. 'Especially since I attended my first drag racing event when I was about 10 years old.'
Mitchell, 19 year old Light Vehicle Mechanic in his second year, found his passion for cars a little bit later when he was 16. 'It definitely makes your day to day job a lot easier when you do something you're passionate about.' he says. 'It also creates a great environment when you work alongside like-minded people.'
And Matthew, 18 year old Light Vehicle Mechanic in his first year couldn't agree more: 'It makes a big difference. We can all relate to each other.'

As an AGT apprentice, they also get the opportunity to do their on the job training at the local RTO (Registered Training Organisation) instead of going to TAFE. 'I like it better than TAFE.' says Matthew, 'The atmosphere is good because it's at your own pace so I can learn faster. Plus the groups are really small, normally only about 2 apprentices per trainer.'
Mitchell had a similar experience at the RTO: 'It's been really good. TAFE was frustrating because some people would muck around and classes were big. At the RTO there's usually 2 apprentices in a class, whereas at TAFE there are 20.'
Jessica is especially excited about the fact that she could work on her own car whilst she's at the RTO, 'Who needs a mechanic when you can be your own?'.

When it comes to what advice they'd give to other candidates who are interested in starting their career in Automotive, they're all on the same page. 'If you're really interested, just do it. Keep in mind that your first year will be spent doing some things that don't seem like a lot of fun, but they're important to be able to learn other things later.' says Jessica.
And most importantly, 'Just jump in and start as soon as you can.' Mitchell adds. 


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